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year so far


I played around 60ooo hands of poker this year so far and got ok results. started at 2nl and now with a roll of 97$ at 5nl. I cashed out already once or twice to buy a sub for iveyleague.com and tableninja2.


I wont cash out anymore. Also I found myself a coach but ended it again cause I didnt have the time and energy to comit fully.


Right now Im trying to quit smoking and start workout. Im 20lbs overweiht and cant concentrate too long also become sleepy fast.

In regards to playing poker, Im often bored and want to get better at the same time, which leads to me quitting a session once I lose my first big pot. Thats not good and I have to work on it.


Im 30yo right now and dont have much to show for myself and I give myself 5 years to get to at least 100nl to make a good living from poker. Obviously this is possible much faster but I know myself well enough and wont cut time short, so I wont be dissappointed.












13.3.16 12:46


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